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  August 7, 2010


Glenn Shadix shares some time with Joan Baez after the show.

Glenn Shadix shares some time with Joan after the show before she boards her bus for a concert In Phoenix.  We had a nice chat about The Military Wounded Project through which, with the help of The USO, I wil be visiting wounded veterans at Military Fort Hospitals around the USA.  Joan Baez has had much experience in this kind endeavor.

Joan Baez playing to a packed house in Baton Rouge
Joan playing to a packed house in Baton Rouge

The bittersweet lone mic as Joan leaves the stage


For a full repot on this memorable event, see the recent blog entry at the link below.


  July 29, 2010

Joan Baez
An Evening with Joan Baez (August 5, 2010)

I'm headed south next week to see the legendary Joan Baez in concert Thursday August 5th.  This should be a truly memorable event and I hope I see many friends in Baton Rouge.  Hit the link for details.  This is a true "don't miss". There is a Ramada Inn and Hilton within walking distance to the venue as well as other less expensive accommodations in the area. Come to Louisiana and see Joan!

Tickets & Info


  April 27, 2010

Glenn & MoMA Film Curator Jenny He

The Museum of Modern Art invited me to speak at the museum's final screening of BEETLEJUICE this month. It was quite an honor and so much fun! They flew me to New York and booked me into The Warwick ,just across the street from MoMA. Jenny arranged a private tour of Tim's career retrospective so my friends could get a good viewing before the throngs of this sell-out installation swamped the museum. I was so busy that I took very few pictures, but have gathered a few from friends.

The kids at the screening of Michael Lehmann's HEATHERS

By chance, Michael Lehmann's HEATHERS was screening at 5pm to a group of High School students so I popped over and introduced that little cult classic at 5pm. I had the kids all raise their hands and scream "Eskimo". Since I had a sold out screening of BEETLEJUICE I could not stay for the film but got to tell a bit about it's origins before the show.

At 7pm I spoke to the BEETLEJUICE crowd and related my stories of the making of the film. Among my guests were Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gordon, K. Blaine Johnson, recent Academy Award nominee, Rebecca Cammisa (for her feature length documentary, WHICH WAY HOME), author and actress, Mari Gorman, TRUTH WINS OUT founder, Wayne Besen, Shade Rupe, Ian Fedorchik, Joseph Adams and pictured below my friends from Birmingham, James Gunter and Mollie Pittman.

James Gunter (left) Mollie Pittman (right)

My talk before the film was a way of honoring Tim and all the people in front and behind the camera that I came to know and love. I told the story of how I (with essentially no film credits) was cast by Tim and the incredibly loving atmosphere on the set--one the likes of I have yet to experience again. I did stay and watch this screening and for the Q&A I pulled out of my bag the oriental robe I wore in the film and wore it back on stage. Sounds silly but it was just so much fun for the crowd (and for me!) The Q&A lasted until MoMA dimmed the lights and I met with fans outside. It was such a sweet way to end this magnificent retrospective of Tim's wild creativity. The installation closed yesterday, April 26 and will be going on to Toronto and Los Angeles and the goodness knows where! Also got a chance to see Valerie Harper as Tallulah Bankhead and a magnificent production of A Little Night Music with my beloved Angela Landesbury. It was a magical time in Manhattan.

James Gunter and Glenn inside Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture



  March 24, 2010

Hollywood and New York Call
Sorry to have been negligent in regards to the site. Been traveling and writing and just been too damn busy to do justice to my little Vanity Site. Had a call from L.A. last week and did two screen tests for two different roles in FOX's upcoming feature, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS (Based on the novel by Sara Gruen), which starts principal photography in June and stars Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and recent Oscar winner ,Christoph Waltz. Who knows if I will be cast but they took the trouble to track me down in Alabama and that is at least flattering--After Five years away from Hollywood I assumed they all thought I was quite dead....

Delightful news from The Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I am being flown to Manhattan to participate in the closing of Tim Burton's Career Retrospective that ends its very successful installation at MoMA. I will be at The Warwick from April 8-11th and will speak about my work with Tim and introduce the museum's final screening of Beetlejuice April 9th at 7p.m. and follow it with stories from the shoot and a Q&A after the screening. Will be with dear old friends in NYC and plan to see a couple of shows. My writing is coming along. Working on a book of ten short stories and have taken a house with plenty of land to garden for the spring and summer. That may change if FOX surprises me with an offer. We shall see what we shall see. Enjoy the spring everyone!!



  November 23, 2009
Glenn Shadix and Tim Burton at MoMA
Glenn Shadix and Tim Burton at MoMA
Tim Burton hosted several hundred of his friends and collaborators at a special preview Monday Nov 16, 2009 at The Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.  It was loving gathering of the folks who have worked with Tim over the course of his still blooming career.  This amazing installation included work dating back to his High School days in Burbank. I arrived at MoMA with my nephew, Sam Teer, who is a senior, majoring in Graphic Arts, at The Alabama High School of Fine Arts, long time friend and mentor, director and founder of The Tennessee Williams Festival In Provincetown, David Kaplan and Nine Moon Productions associate, Joel Olgesby.

BEETLEJUICE pals Catherine O'Hara and Jeffrey Jones
BEETLE JUICE pals Catherine O'Hara and Jeffrey Jones at MoMA

The collection of Tim's work was truly astounding.  This MUST-SEE installation runs until mid April 2010. We all moved to an elaborate party at The Russian Tea Room after two hours of viewing Burton's art.

Glenn Shadix and Johnny Depp at The Russian Tea Room
Glenn Shadix and Johnny Depp at The Russian Tea room

I am preparing a more detailed BIO TALE when time permits.  Just got back from New York and wanted to share the joyous time we all enjoyed.  Our Boy from Burbank has, indeed, been most prolific in the 22 years we have been friends.  I glowed with pride and simply had fun with dear friends from my time in Hollywood.

Heard great reports about my work in FINDING GAUGUIN from Cherry Vanilla who saw a recent screening in Hollywood.  Cherry is known as the Fairy Godmother of Pop Culture and is a loyal and trusted friend of so many in the crowd that gathered at MoMA.

Glenn Shadix and Cherry Vanilla
Glenn Shadix and Cherry Vanilla
There will be much more in the BIO TALE I plan to upload before the end of the year.   Appeared in a documentary for TRUTH WINS OUT which we shot on the terrace at Hotel Metro.  So much more to tell but am in the midst of planning a big Thanksgiving at TUNE FARMS.  My dear friend Diane Tune and her apprentices as well as close friends and family are gathering on her huge farm an hour north of Birmingham. Happy Thanksgiving All!!!!!

This last picture is my dear nephew and amazing artist, Sam Teer.

Sam Teer getting into his first "stretch limo".  It was a surprise and more fun for him than a taxi!

Sam Teer getting into his first "stretch limo".  It was a surprise and more fun for him than a taxi!





  September 15, 2009

On Friday September 10th, my fiend Jason Maloy and I began our road trip to Arkansas to visit Little Rock (where I enjoyed a visit to President Clinton's Library). We then traveled on to Fayetteville Arkansas for the second annual Gala Benefit & Silent Auction benefiting The Building--A Dream Capital Campaign Fund for TEMPLE SHALOM of Northwest Arkansas held at Fayetteville's UNITED METODODIST CHURCH. The Jewish Community has been using the local Unitarian Church as their home and their dream of building a permanent home is becoming a reality due to Fadil Bayyari's tremendous act of generosity. Bayyari Construction services are being donated at cost to the project and Mr. Bayyari, himself, is donating his services as general contractor. NEVER BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY HAVE CHRISTIAN ARCHITECTS DESIGNED A JEWISH TEMPLE THAT IS BEING BUILT BY A MUSLIM CONTRACTOR.

This building partnership has also had the added benefit of creating a vision of understanding and respect for all viewpoints. Temple Shalom has established a FAITH TO FAITH Initiative that will provide people of all religions, ethnicities and cultures a safe forum in which to share and learn from each other.

To inquire about making a tax-deductible donation to the BUILDING OF A DREAM CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FUND please contact: Barry Brown, Capital Campaign Chairman at (479) 871-1457 (cell) or at his home: (479)750-4004 or email at

Barry gave me a personal tour of the Temple, now under construction and I was treated as an honored guest during my time in Arkansas. A highlight was a beautiful poem read by Mohja Kahf at the Gala benefit Sunday evening. What a wonderful example for all communities of Faith. It was certainly worth the 16 hours I spent in my car on the way up and then back to Birmingham!



  August 1, 2009

Glenn Shadix & Stephane Gauger - Click to Enlarge 

 The microclimate in the remote area of Maui's beaches (surrounded by lush mountains of rainforest and flora beyond adequate description on a blog) has been a dynamic challenge for the exteriors we are shooting.  Sun across the bay and hard rain on the left side of us that comes and goes without much concern about our lighting continuity (LOL) has heightened the work for both cast and crew.  Every second of sun is used and if we have sudden rain... we just have to re-shoot the master and coverage quick-like-a-bunny and it gives deeper meaning to one of my lines of dialogue: "Time Is Precious".  The photo above shows me in costume as Henri Vollard sitting in a straw hut (with a blue umbrella to keep the wardrobe dry) beside screen writer (of FINDING GAUGUIN) Stephane Gauger.  We shot the coverage of this crucial scene once in half sun, half rain, and a whole other set of coverage in light rain.   Getting golden work from everyone, in spite of, or possibly BECAUSE of the tremendous obstacles...

Click to Enlarge

These guys (that I call my Maui Mafia) are just a few of the enormous group of native Hawaiians who are making this film possible.  What a kind and genuine people...The making of this film would be impossible without the hundreds of generous, hard working people of Maui.  By the way, they gave us a happy, song filled Luau after our wrap last night;  a truly refreshing and amazing blessing.  I feel like I have come home in an un-transmittable sense.  And I thought I had seen the most beautiful geographic scenery on Earth when I spent months on both north and south islands of New Zealand.  The remote Maui beaches rival ANYTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN ANYWHERE.

Bob Taicher 
Bob Taicher
Bob Taicher is co-director and Executive producer.  We met ten years ago at Michelle Phillips' "Last Full Moon Of The Millennium" party and the night we met he gave me a script which I read THAT NIGHT in Michelle's "GOLD RECORD ROOM” office.   Bob hired me as soon as I finished reading the script and now   "SHUT YER DIRTY LITTLE MOUTH" will have it's official release this coming Autumn.  I Love and Respect Bob as a dear, kind and brilliant man as well as a magnificent artist.  It is a pleasure to be working with him again--this time with practically the entire Taicher clan either behind or in front of the camera.
Don Taicher as Paul Gauguin
At 72 years of age, Don is blossoming in too many ways to describe.  He carries this film with his portrayal of Gauguin.  This is our first collaboration and I am sure it will not be our last.
Alexander Taicher as Adam
Alexander Taicher as Adam
Playing the role of the young artist Gauguin is mentoring, Alex is, at 20, in the process of creating a remarkable film debut.  A natural. A hard working complete natural.  We completed work on our first scene together last evening and we are having a wonderful time preparing for the scenes we have ahead.  He is a beautiful young man inside and out.
Glenn Shadix on a remote beach location on Maui - Click to Enlarge
Glenn Shadix on a remote beach location on Maui
Yes, I dyed my hair and lost a few pounds (I weighed in at 185 lbs. as of this morning) and am enjoying the work on this picture more than anything I have done since BEETLEJUICE.  Too bad I have to deal with such a tough location as I end my four year sabbatical! LAUGHING OUT LOUD.  More of the incredible cast and crew as time permits and the adventure continues.  So many of this wonderful ensemble will be at my party at The Roosevelt later this month and what fun THAT will be......Love to all--GS



  July 16, 2009
Glenn will be doing a interview at on Friday, July 17th at 3:00 Central time.

Glenn will be signing in Nashville, TN at the October Comic & Horror Festival October 17 and 18, 2009.  For all details go to



  April 21, 2009
Got my first look at the seven insertions into my ankle and leg and see the current Xrays with famous ankle surgeon, Dr. Angus McBryde, at Sports Medicine.  Michael Jordon and tons of college and top pro athletes have had their careers saved by this man.  All looks great and I was put in a new cast.  Still have 4 weeks with no weight on the right foot, so the crutches are nearby.  Checked into a lovely hotel for a rest from family care and a change of scene. All is well and tomorrow is a full day of real estate shopping...
Glenn Shadix & Doctor Angus McBryde - Click to Enlarge



  March 21, 2009
Sad to report that my old chum Anita Page has become the final real Star of Silent Films to pass away.  She was 99 and died in Los Angeles this last September.  She had a movie in post production when she died!  I've seen both her silent's and early talkies (she co-starred with a teenaged Joan Crawford.)   She was not some joke EVER, she was quite a fine actress and I often catch her films on TCM.  She was the real deal and the very last Silent Queen to go.  There are no more.  Randal Malone, a truly bizarre character actor who performs in very independent films must be given credit for taking Anita into his home a decade ago and brought her out of a 60 year retirement.  He took her to celebrity signings and generally brightened up final years. They made quite a couple and I know Mr. Malone must be heartbroken.  He truly loved Anita and took very good care of her until the end. 



  My News: Simple.  Having ankle surgery April 7th and will be recuperating with family.  Doing tons of research in regards my return to California. If all goes as planned my friend William Wright and I will be leaving Birmingham in my new car (yet to be chosen) and my plan is to take a small West Hollywood apartment while I look for a house in Ventura.  Its very exciting to be starting over.  I have had an incredible time in Alabama but it is time to check back in to The Hotel California. 



  February 20, 2009
  Not any BIG news currently.  I just booked an appearance in Nashville for October 17th and 18th.  It will be my first time to visit fans in Dixie.  I went to Conventions in Florida but Florida is not really part of Dixie!  I will have location and details posted as the time draws near.

Mainly, my life today consists of swimming an hour a day, not smoking, and generally getting ready for ankle surgery March 4th...My webmaster has come up with a lot of great ideas for the site design and we've been having a blast giving this 12 year old site a Face Lift! 

Hope everyone will check out my new blog---it's still taking shape.  Be sure and check out my Oscar predictions before this coming Sunday and you can see if I'm on the money or way off base!

For the first time in the site's history I have put up a link's page.  Just a few of my very favorite sites..



  December 3, 2008

THE HOME OF JONATHAN EDMONDSON AND KYLE PUGH  is often the gathering place for The Bessemer Historical Society of which Kyle is treasurer.   Each Christmas over the past four years Kyle and Jonathan transform this magnificent Victorian into the setting for one of the most fabulous Christmas palaces for their Holiday Party--the most sought after invitation of the season.  Click the link below for more photos from last year's bash. 

Click to Enlarge Photo

Click here for more photos



  November 21, 2008

Glenn with Dr. David Pollick, current President of Birmingham Southern College. " It was an emotional reunion celebrating the 40th anniversary of the building of the magnificent theater designed by my mentor and teacher, the late Dr. Arnold Powell and his collaborator and lighting designer John Kitchens.  With its split revolve turntable stage it became a model for The Lawrence Olvier Theater in London and is still the finest theater I have had the honor to tread the boards. I will be a guest lecturer for the drama department in 2009.  A great night of old friends and wonderful memories."



  October 12, 2008

Click to Enlarge

This article popped up out of nowhere and its funny now but at first I was livid.  There I was on the front page of my little small  town paper-an old photo of me on one side and my well known house on the other.  Trouble was no one knew I was living there and I had visions of a break-in and getting my throat cut for 50cents.  The old interview was pulled from the website and, of course, it looked like I was inviting the city of Bessemer to drop by anytime-----many have.  But now it just makes me smile.....



  October 12, 2008

Click to Enlarge

Leslie Jordan breezed into Bessemer fresh from his Emmy win on WILL & GRACE.  Louise Hall hosted a luncheon at Bessemer's Famous 101 year old BRIGHT STAR restaurant just a few blocks from my house before Leslie attended a $150 a plate dinner for Carl Stewart's Terrific NEW THEATRE ( KNOWN AS  TNT) It was a long day for Leslie.  He performed his show ADVENTURES DOWN THE PINK CARPET and then signed copies of the book.  (available at AMAZON) TNT had a sold-out adoring group of fans and then he was back on his tour. Quick but fast and Leslie LOVED my new digs and Birmingham LOVED LESLIE JORDAN.

the whole gang chow down in the legendary Bear Bryant room.
the whole gang chow down in the legendary Bear Bryant room.

A lot of game plans were worked out on that table during the Bryant hey days.  "Louise Beard is THE FABULOUS REDHEAD--confidant to the stars!"

Read the article in The Western Tribune about Leslie Jordan's visit to Bessemer
Read the Article in The Western Tribune about Leslie's visit to Bessemer here.


  October 12, 2008

Click to Enlarge

The article went on to talk about the progress made but the main quote made my point " I believe that today there are two major issues confronting society in regards Gay people. One is the right to have a civil OR a religious marriage with all the rights and responsibilities that entails.  This fear of the word marriage is just another way to infer "separate but equal" and we all know in our hearts that connotation means "second class marriage."  The other, and in many ways most important, is the right to serve openly in the armed forces. When you fight and die for the country you love it becomes difficult to be treated differently in civilian life. We are already there in every service.  Its a matter of honesty. I think the truth is well worth the adjustments the military could easily make.  Enough Politics! Where's my FLOAT!



  March 21st, 2007

Glenn and nephew Samuel Teer (student at Alabama School of Fine Arts) at The Birmingham AIDS Outreach Benefit in March 2007 holding a plate on which they collaborated that fetched a nice price for this worthy cause. Glenn began his association with BAO in 2005 with plates he and Catherine O'Hara created. Glenn will be playing host to his dear friend, the legendary actress and monologist Lily Tomlin during her visit to Birmingham in November and together they will enlist other celebrities to create plates for the 2008 auction.



Starting three years ago Glenn became involved with BIRMINGHAM AIDS OUTREACH and will be working with them again on several upcoming benefits.

  January 13, 2007

Glenn and Jane Fonda in Marin County Ca.Jane Fonda and Glenn

Glenn is enjoying an extended sabbatical from film and television work as well as a break from life in Los Angeles and has taken a loft in downtown in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Writing , spending quality time with old friends, his extended family and exploring the profound changes in the state he left 30 years ago. " I have certainly experienced a culture shock that rivals what I experienced moving from Alabama to New York City in 1976." Glenn took a trip back west to San Francisco to open Bob Taicher's "SHUT YER DIRTY LITTLE MOUTH" in which he stars with Gil Gayle.

It was a small theatrical opening at the Roxy in San Francisco and The Elmwood in Berkeley. Critical response was terrific and business slow. Ah, show biz. While in the Bay Area Glenn joined Jane Fonda in a fundraiser for David Zeigers, NO, NO SIR, a documentary about the suppression of the stories of Vietnam Veteran's Against The War during the late 60's. At the screening in Mission Valley, Shadix joined the benefit audience, founders of the Veteran's movement, Fonda, Maria, Muldair and Holly Near singing the great old gospel hymn, Down By The Riverside (Aint gonna study war no more) " It was quite a moving evening with several Iraqi veteran's on hand."

Flew into Los Angeles November 1st to vote in the midterm election and visit with my dear friends Adam and Sara Biesk and meet their beautiful new baby girl, Emma.  Dropped by Michelle Phillips' Tuesday night to get the election returns and a hug from my favorite legend.

Shortly after returning to Alabama I got the word that Denny Doherty (lead tenor of The Mamas and Papas had passed away in Halifax Nova Scotia from kidney failure. Michelle attended the funeral in Halifax and in response to a letter I had written her she ended her missive simply with "Last one standing." Everyone loved Denny and he will be greatly missed.  I was very glad to have seen his one man show in New York called "DREAM A LITTLE DREAM."  It was after that we met for the last time for lunch with Michelle at Four Oaks in Belair in 2005.  He was in good health at the time and full of, as always, fabulous and hilarious stories to tell.  Denny's favorite song he sang with The Mamas and The Papas was the little known but hauntingly beautiful "Dancing Bear" but he will, I think always be best remembered for his soaring lead vocal on the group's biggest hit "Monday, Monday."  Good-bye with love and thanks dear Papa Denny.

Denny Doherty, Glenn, Michelle Phillips. Last Lunch with Papa Denny at Four Oaks.



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